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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Bedbugs are unique pests that will hide throughout your home. They’re smart enough to hide in crevices and gaps that are rarely inspected. As a result, you may not realize that you have bedbugs until the infestation has worsened. Bedbugs can grow up to a quarter of an inch and they rarely come out during the day. If you want to identify the problem swiftly, you need to find out where the bedbugs are hiding. Below, you’ll find out more about common bedbug hiding places.

Most Common Bedbug Hiding Spots

Bedbugs can hide anywhere in your home, but they prefer a few spots.

Mattress And Box Spring

If you think you have bedbugs in your home, you’ll need to check your mattress and box spring. Bedbugs stay close to their primary food source, so they’ll hide in your bed. When you’re sleeping at night, your body releases CO2 and heat that will attract bedbugs. Check these items to determine whether you have bedbugs in your home.

Bed Frame

Besides your mattress, you’ll also need to check your bed frame. Bedbugs often hide in the cracks, crevices, and gaps in the bed frame. They can hide in the footboard, headboard, and everything in between. Check your frame carefully because you’ll likely find bedbugs there.


Once you’ve finished searching the items above, it is time to focus on your bedclothes. Bedbugs can hide in pillowcases, quilts, and sheets. If they’re hiding in these items, you can find them easily.

Carpets And Rugs

Besides being good hiders, bedbugs also know how to climb exceptionally well. They can climb up your bed frame without any issues. With that being said, there is a good chance that the bedbugs in your home are going to live in your rugs and carpets. They’re small and thin so they can slide through the carpet’s fibers and hide beneath them.


Finally, you’ll need to check the furniture in your home. If your couch has cushions and pillows, bedbugs might be hiding in, beneath, and behind these items. They could also be hiding under the furniture in question. If you want to identify a problem quickly, you should lift the furniture and check underneath it. If you search these items, you’ll likely find bedbugs hiding there. However, these pesky critters can hide elsewhere around your home too.

Other Places Bedbugs Hide

Bedbugs can hide almost anywhere in your home. With that being said, you’ll need to search long and hard. Don’t forget to check the items mentioned above.


Bedbugs love warm locations, and they often live in motel rooms. When visiting a motel, bedbugs may climb inside of your luggage. When you return home, some of those bugs will continue living in your luggage. If you have clothes and other items in the luggage, they’ll hide in those items as well.

Decorations On Your Walls

Again, bedbugs are great climbers. As a result, they may climb your walls and hide behind your wall decorations. If you’re searching your home for a bedbug infestation, you’ll need to check behind the paintings and pictures hanging on your walls.


Do you often take books to bed with you? If so, you may place them on a nearby desk before you go to sleep. Books often have small gaps between the spine and binding. If so, bedbugs might hide here. You may also find bedbugs under the book’s protective cover.


Bedbugs can hide in electronics as well. Your electronics are warm and they have small vents. Bedbugs can slip through the vent holes and live inside of the electronics. Plus, they’ll live inside of your televisions, computers, laptops, and gaming consoles. They can also hide in the alarm clock next to your bed.


Finally, you may find bedbugs hiding in your nightstand. They will hide under the nightstand and in its drawers. Bedbugs can also hide in boxes stored under your bed. To prevent this from happening, use secure containers that bedbugs cannot enter.

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