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Occasional Invaders

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Toronto Professional Occasional Invader Extermination

If you know anything about insects, you know they like to invade homes. At least, some species of insects like to invade homes, not all. A classification utilized to describe insects that accidentally and intentionally invade houses, government entities, commercial buildings, and public facilities. The occasional invader utilizes exterior-to-interior crevices, cracks, gaps, and other openings to infiltrate buildings.

Once inside the home, the occasional invader immediately initiates a search to find suitable shelter. What is considered a suitable shelter for an occasional invader? High-humidity, warm, dark, and discrete locations are considered the occasional invader’s preferred hangout.

Occasional invader insect species include the following:

Why Is My Toronto Home Becoming A Target For Occasional Invaders?

It is simple, you unknowingly invite the occasional invader insect species into your home. How is this even remotely possible? Well, your home’s pest barrier is vulnerable, meaning it has cracks and crevices that lead from the outside to the inside of the home. These access points are generally located around windows, utility lines, and doors. But, can also be found near damaged siding, soffit, eaves, vents, foundation, and thresholds.

How Can I Eradicate An Occasional Invader Infestation Without Breaking The Bank?

We understand occasional invader extermination is an additional expense that many Toronto consumers did not have time to plan for. This is unfortunate, but occasional invader infestations will gradually worsen if no pest management intervention is initiated.

To ensure access to one of the best pest control services in Toronto, our extermination company strives for competitive, fair pricing. We also offer free quotes and estimates via appointment only to help consumers determine the cost in advance.

If your budget is limited, we can customize a pest management strategy that will not break the bank, but offer the same effectiveness as conventional pest control. There are also some things you can do the help minimize the overall cost. For example, you can start removing as many of the occasional invaders as possible with a vacuum cleaner. Suction the insects up into the disposable debris bag, so they can safely be put back into their natural habitat.

Do Occasional Invaders Carry Diseases?

Occasional invaders do not transmit diseases to humans or pets. However, some occasional invader insect species are notorious for damaging houseplants. Others will invade pantries or other areas where processed food is stored in vulnerable containers. In this case, there is a slight risk for foodborne illness related to contaminated processed food. This is where a high-quality storage system could come into play. Utilizing glass and BPA-free plastic containers with lids to store non-refrigerated food products will protect the household members from foodborne illness risks.

When Can I Expect The Licensed Exterminator To Perform My Occasional Invader Inspection?

We can process a pest control service request within 24 and 48 hours. We suggest submitting your service request as soon as possible to ensure there are no unnecessary delays to compromise the extermination process.

We accept service requests via our official website, email, and landline during our hours of operation.

Should I Evacuate My Home Before The Pest Inspection?

It is not necessary to evacuate your home before or during the inspection. However, if you decide to continue forward with the professional occasional invader pest control, you and your family and pets will be asked to evacuate the home.

If you or another household member has been diagnosed with a respiratory condition, such as asthma and COPD, we suggest remaining out of the home for at least 24 hours. Upon return, it is crucial to ventilate the home to remove all potential lingering fumes related to pesticides.

What Steps Do I Need To Take To Prevent A Repeat Occasional Invader Infestation?

It is only natural to be worried about another pest infestation after all you and your family have endured over the past few weeks. We tips provided below will help jumpstart your prevention strategy:

  • Develop a secure food storage system
  • Develop a household waste disposal system
  • Repair or replace leaky faucets and plumbing pipes
  • Improve ventilation in high-humidity areas
  • Inspect all supermarket and overnight bags coming into the home immediately and thoroughly

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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