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Carpenter Bees

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Professional Carpenter Bee Extermination – Inspection, And Consultation

Carpenter bees are parasocial insects that pair and breed, returning to the same nest breeding season after breeding season. The adult carpenter bee grows up to 1-1/2” long. The female has a stinger that she rarely utilizes because of her timid nature. Differentiating between the female and male is as simple as accessing the coloration. The female is solid black while the female is black and orange.

It is not unusual to confuse the bumblebee with the carpenter bee. To determine which bee species is which, it is crucial to assess the carpenter bee’s abdomen, which is a glossy black. The bumblebee, on the other hand, has a hairy abdomen.

Why Is My Toronto Property Under A Carpenter Bee Threat?

The carpenter bee is drawn to rotting wood, such as tree stumps, downed branches, porches, decks, and firewood. It is unfortunate for the victims because the mere presence of these insects poses a danger to humans and animals. While the carpenter bee does not transmit diseases or parasites, its aggression level gradually increases when threatened. Even if your intentions are not to harm the carpenter bees or their young, you are still in danger.

Fortunately, the adult male carpenter bee does not have a stinger. However, he will swoop down and charge you to send a warning saying “you are getting too close.”

Do Carpenter Bees Carry Parasites Or Diseases?

No, there is no evidence that connects the carpenter bee to human diseases or parasites. However, if you or another household member is allergic to bee stings, it is crucial to stay clear of the carpenter bees and the nest.

Carpenter bees do bore tiny holes in rotting wood structures for nesting. This level of damage is nothing compared to that of the predatory woodpecker that is drawn to carpenter bee larvae. Woodpeckers will spend hours pecking away at the carpenter bees’ bored holes in hopes of accessing the larvae.

What Is The Best Pest Management Strategy For Carpenter Bees?

The best pest control strategy for carpenter bees is one that is customized. A custom strategy should meet or exceed the victim’s pest control needs. We utilize data collected from visual pest inspections to determine the best custom treatment strategy.

We will work with you and your family to determine the best pest control strategy for your carpenter bee case. We will not stop until carpenter bee threats in Toronto no longer exist.

Can I Use DIY Pest Control Products To Get Rid Of My Carpenter Bees?

It is possible that DIY pesticides and insecticides will eradicate a bed bug problem. However, these low-strength pest control products will not have any impact on a full-blown carpenter bee infestation. We highly recommend our pest inspection to determine the severity of the infestation. From here, we will work with you to determine the best course of action,

Should I Be Concerned About The Harmful Chemicals Found In Pest Control Products?

It is only natural to have some concerns regarding the chemicals found in conventional pest control products. To combat these issues, Toronto exterminators have joined forces with local pesticide manufacturers. We believe these products can be administered without danger to the environment, humans.

We also recommend our selection of environmentally-friendly extermination treatments.

Is It Possible To Prevent A Repeat Carpenter Bee Infestation?

While carpenter bees are parasocial insects, infestations are possible. If a pair of carpenter bees were drawn to a specific area of your property, it is likely other couples are present as well. The only way to determine how many carpenter bees are targeting your property is with a visual inspection.

Our job is to find out how many carpenter bee couples have already erected nests on your property. When more than a single carpenter bee nest is involved, the issue becomes a mild infestation. When six or more nests are involved, the severity level increases to a moderate infestation.

When Will The Exterminator Be Available To Perform My Pest Inspection In Toronto?

We need 38 hours to process a pest control request, including carpenter bee inspections. We utilize special tools and methods to thoroughly inspect our client’s homes. But, first, you must schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. We offer morning and evening appointments Monday through Friday.

Contact our Toronto office to learn more about our carpenter bee pest control.

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