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The #1 Bed Bug Treatment in Toronto, Ontario

Our service is recognized as the ultimate bed bugs expert in the area because we know everything about Toronto’s bed bug problem. Everything starts with a bed bug inspection. We look for bed bug symptoms, such as bed bug bites or blood stains on sheets, and we take a particular look at box springs, using our bed bug detection skills, based on all the bed bug information and experience that we have accumulated over the years. We also examine the data provided by Toronto’s bed bug registry, to understand the dimension of the bed bug problem in the area where your place is located.

We know the cycle of bed bug life, which starts with bed bug eggs, and quickly escalates into a full-blown infestation. We detect bed bugs through multiple methods, including using bed bug detection dogs when they’re needed.

Our mobile bed bug treatments never fail. They’re carried out by one of our teams of bed bug experts who get to your place ready to enforce bed bug pest control protocols that effectively end bug infestations. As the bed bug exterminator Toronto knows it can rely on, our professional bed bug interventions always help our customers to get rid of bed bugs.

  • While many people try to kill bed bugs in Toronto using bed bugs spray, that never works. Then they call us, they are surprised to find the reasonable extermination prices that our pest management service for bed bug control actually translates into. As it turns out, affordable bed bugs sprays are not so affordable because they solve nothing whereas our bed bug removal service gets the job done.
  • The bed bug inspection Toronto residents can expect from us is thorough yet free. We arrive at your place with our bed bug extermination trucks because we’re equipped for mobile bed bug interventions, but the first step is only about determining the size and characteristics of the bed bug infestation that is troubling you. We offer you a quote with no strings attached, we explain the proposed bug exterminator protocol and its treatment cost, and you’ll have the chance of seeing that this price is the lowest bed bug extermination fee you’ll find if you ask for quotes from other Toronto’s bed bug exterminators.
  • Only a method that kills bed bug eggs will be safe for your home. Why? Because it eliminates bed bugs and the chance of reproduction. That’s something that obviously comes with the package that we offer: guaranteed bed bug extermination through chemicals treatment, steam, cryonite or heat treatment (heat kills bed bugs, FYI) designed to produce a complete bed bugs removal outcome.
  • The average professional bed bug exterminator will present you with a high bed bug extermination price, claiming that the bed bugs heat treatment they use is very expensive. We don’t. Instead, we use an honest price policy when it comes to the trustworthy Bed Bug Removal Toronto can turn to. We’re in this business to offer the perfect equation: reasonable prices with guaranteed bed bug extermination.
  • Are you looking at bed bug pictures and thinking you can prevent bed bugs as your main plan? Well, think again. These bugs will get to your place no matter what. Bed bugs prevention isn’t really effective because they jump into your clothes almost from out of nowhere. That’s why you need a bed bug exterminator with an effective bed bugs control protocol if the situation calls for one. Over the years, we’ve had many customers believing they’d be able to kill bed bug invaders, but nothing worked until we came. We applied the bed bugs heat treatment that made us famous as the Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto resorts to when help is needed… and voilá, bed bug problem gone!

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We’re The Toronto Pest Control Service That Covers All Your Pest Infestation Troubles

Whether you have pests in your home or require commercial pest control services, we’re the bug exterminator in Toronto for the job!

Ant ControlAnts require professional pest treatment. They won’t go away with any DIY treatment, so it’s always better if you call us to eradicate them.

Bed BugsWhen it comes to applying a bed bug treatment, we don’t do guesswork. We examine the problem first, we determine which bed bug treatments we need to use, and we complete the cycle with a fully effective bed bug control protocol.

BeetlesOut of all the home protection plans for pests, beetles are a hot category because they appear when you least expect them and when you definitely don’t want them around.

Box Elder BugsIs your home protected from box elder bugs? If not, we’ll be happy to take care of them for you!

Carpenter Ants and Carpenter BeesAny pest control technician in our team knows our special technique to get rid of these.

CockroachesWhether it is the German Cockroach, the Oriental Cockroach, or the You-Name-It Cockroach, they’re a seriously unpleasant and unwanted pest problem that we can terminate for you.

EarwigsA very common pest that our integrated pest solutions will easily solve.

FleasOne of the most frequently seen residential pest problems that those who own property in Toronto find. Our pest control professionals are called every day to exterminate fleas in the Toronto area.

LadybugsYou are welcome to call the exterminator in Toronto that will help you put this pest issue in the past.

Rodent ControlWe have the best protection plan against mice and rats serving Toronto. Why is that? Because after trying DIY bait stations for mice control always unsuccessfully, our customers call us for effective rodent control and always see the problem solved for good.

Occasional InvadersCrickets, Pillbugs, Centipedes, Silverfish, and Cluster flies will be out of your way after the leading pest control in Toronto’s multiple areas steps in.

Overwintering PestsIn downtown Toronto, whenever there is moisture in homes, these uninvited guests show up. If you ask us to come over, they’ll quickly and permanently go away.

Pantry PestsThe Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle, the Indian Meal Moth, and the Cigarette Beetle form the frequent group of pests assaulting your pantry. Only a professional exterminator in Toronto can stop them, so don’t hesitate in calling us.

Spiders and Black WidowsAre you seeing spiders in your home or business’s hidden corners? Don’t fight them on your own. Black Widows, especially, can be quite aggressive, so you should instead have us visiting your place and solving the problem.

Stinging InsectsThey sting hard and are seriously intimidating… but don’t worry: we can handle any Yellow Jackets, Paper Wasps, Bald-Faced Hornets, or Honey Bees that may have you worried. In fact, Wasp Nest Removal is one of our specialties.

Stink BugsYour idea of “Pest Control Toronto” will never be the same after we visit your place and help you eliminate these bugs.

Mosquito ControlAn extremely unpleasant pest that will get people calling Toronto pest control services for help. Well, that’s what we’re here for!

Fly Control—A situation where flies control is required, whether we’re talking about the conventional fly or the fruit fly, needs and extremely professional approach. Flies are hard to kill, but luckily our tried and tested protocol for fly control always works.

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Free Quote & Inspection

Do you have a commercial pest issue or require residential pest control in Toronto, Ontario? You’ll like to know that we always begin with a free inspection that leads to a tailored quote, with no commitment tied to it. This way, you can always be sure to make an informed decision regarding whether you want to hire our pest management services or not.


We offer reasonably priced pest removal services for homes and business. In addition to that, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. In other words, we offer affordable pest control and the promise that we come back to finish the job in case our first intervention doesn’t completely solve it.

Safety First

We only use safe, responsible, and eco-friendly pest exterminator protocols. That’s because your family’s safety comes first to us. In case we’re talking about residential facilities, we also intervene while making sure your employees and workspaces remain safe after we leave.

Adjusted to Your Schedule

We’re pest control professionals who take your requirements very seriously. We know you’re busy, so we always work around your schedule to fit your availability.

Licensed and Insured

Are you concerned about the possibility of seeing the treatment applied by our pest control company becoming a health risk? We are a licensed and insured integrated pest management company that fully complies with Canada’s and Ontario’s laws and regulations in this field. We have many years of experience in safely removing pests, and we always follow our industry’s best practices. In other words, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your place is in the hands of professional pest control that only work for your well being.

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