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Toronto Professional Ladybug Pest Management With Inspection And Treatment

Ladybugs are cute little insects, right? The insect carries a thin yellow, orange, or red black-polka dotted shell on three pairs of tiny legs. An adult ladybug can produce up to 300 eggs during the breeding season.

Scientists have identified more than 5,000 ladybug species, with 450 in North America and 150 in Canada. Some countries view the insect as a pest while others see it as a helpful pollinator and aphid population controller. The diet consists of mealybugs, mites, scale insects, and aphids, all of which can be found in backyard gardens and industrial farms.

As a pollinator, the ladybug plays a role in growing lavender, bee balm, strawberries, summer squash, gardenias, marigolds, honeydew, dill, feverfew, beans, Angelica, sunflowers, tomatoes, and roses.

Why Are Ladybugs Attacking My Toronto Home?

Ladybugs are attracted to gardens and farms with aphids, marigolds, cabbage, nasturtium, radish, milkweed, and broccoli. If you have a garden with one or more of the aforementioned plants, it could be contributed to your ladybug infestation.

Another reason why ladybugs target houses, commercial buildings, public facilities, and government entities is in preparation for “overwintering.” This dormant state is similar to that of hibernation, a deep sleep. The insect’s body functions gradually slow, allowing it to survive on stored fats.

Do Ladybugs Transmit Diseases And/Or Parasites?

The ladybug “Asian lady beetle” does not carry diseases or parasites. In fact, the insect is considered a nuisance, not a human or animal health risk. The ladybug does have a stinger that it rarely utilizes when under threat or stressed. Ladybug bites generally do not require medical treatment. Most victims have reportedly exhibited a mild allergic reaction.

Ladybugs do damage some flower species and vegetable and fruit crops.

What Is The Best Ladybug Control Strategy?

The adult female ladybug has no need for a nest since she deposits her eggs on plant leaves. The best pest control strategy for ladybugs is one that targets your home’s vulnerable pest barrier, by utilizing a waterproof sealant like caulk or silicone to fill in holes utilized as access points.

Ladybugs begin preparing for overwintering in the late fall. During this period, it is not recommended to keep windows and doors open unless they are screened. The insect has great flying capabilities, so it can easily access openings high off the ground.

Professional pest control is highly recommended for ladybug infestations. Over-the-counter pesticides and insecticides are low-strength formulas that are not strong enough to eradicate a full ladybug infestation.

Will DIY Pest Control Products Offer 100 Percent Effectiveness Against Ladybug Infestations?

As previously mentioned, over-the-counter pest control products are basic formulas not capable of exterminating more than a few ladybugs with each treatment. Our industrial-strength pest control products are combined with traps and routine visual inspections.

When pesticides are mishandled, they pose a health risk to humans and animals, as well environmental risks. To avoid these risks, we recommend heeding the manufacturer’s directions and recommendations.

When Will The Exterminator Be Available To Conduct My Ladybug Inspection In Toronto?

We can process your ladybug inspection service request within 24 and 48 hours. Our customer support team will contact you once your service request is fully processed. At this time, you can select a date that will fit your schedule. We will work around your schedule to ensure the highest level of convenience for you and your family.

Are Ladybug Pest Control Products Dangerous To The Environment?

Chemical pesticides do pose some environmental risks. However, the Environmental Protection Alliance has established pesticide guidelines to protect consumers and the environment from dangerous chemical exposure.

To further minimize these risks, we require the impacted home to be evacuated several hours before and after each treatment. People with respiratory disorders, such as asthma and COPD, are required to remain out of the home for a full 24 hours after each treatment. Some ingredients found in these products may trigger asthma and allergy attacks.

How Can I Prevent A Repeat Ladybug Infestation?

Once your home is deemed “pest-free” by one of our exterminators, we will begin working on a prevention strategy. Our professional ladybug prevention includes regular visual inspection to ensure the home remains pest-free. We also target your home’s vulnerable pest barrier by sealing all crevices that could be utilized as an access point by ladybugs.

Learn more about our ladybug pest management by reaching out to our Toronto extermination company.

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