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Beetles are described as a “nuisance pest” by Toronto residents. This is especially for those who have been victimized by these insects. You may be surprised to discover the damage caused by beetles. This damage is what scientists have deemed “shot holes,” holes bored in wood by the beetle’s mandibles.

The most commonly reported sightings in Toronto include the powder post, longhorn, and ground beetle species.

Why Is My Toronto Property Infested With Beetles?

Beetles are drawn to rotting wood (downed trees and branches) and wooden structures, such as fence posts, decks, porches, and tree stumps. Your beetle infestation can probably be contributed to one of the aforementioned decaying wood or wooden structure.

Beetles are also drawn deteriorating firewood and lumber piles. If you ever hope to deter these insects from targeting your property, eliminating the culprit(s) is crucial.

Do Beetles Carry Parasites And Diseases?

No, beetles do not transmit diseases or parasites to animals or humans. However, beetles have been shown to be the culprit of foodborne illnesses. When these pests infiltrate homes, they feed on processed food products that are stored in vulnerable containers, such as manufacturing packages – paperboard and plastic bags. During the attack on these food products, the beetles will deposit their fecal matter everywhere. If the contaminated food is not completed disposed of, one or more of the household members will ingest it, resulting in a foodborne illness.

Contaminated countertops utilized for food preparation can also result in foodborne illness if not properly and thoroughly cleaned.

What Is The Best Pest Management Strategy For Beetle Infestations?

Beetle infestations are complex because they include a satellite and main colony. The satellite colony temporarily splits off from the main colony in search of food and warm, safe shelter. To key to fully eradicating a beetle infestation is to eliminate both the entire satellite and main colonies. The only way to make this happen is with our professional pest control, which includes a custom strategy utilizing industrial-strength pesticides and traps.

Will DIY Pest Control Pesticide Fully Eradicate Beetle Infestations?

No, you would be lucky enough to eradicate a few beetles with each DIY pesticide treatment. Over-the-counter pest control products are low-strength, which is the lowest potency level utilized in the industry.

It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s directions to ensure the maximum results with minimal health and environmental risks.

How Long Will It Take For The Exterminator To Arrive At My Toronto Home?

All pest control service requests take between 24 and 48 hours to completely process. This is fairly common across the Canadian pest control industry. We offer same-day and emergency services for those who believe their beetle infestations need immediate professional pest management.

As A Toronto Consumer, Should I Be Considered About Beetle Pesticide Exposure?

It is natural to be concerned about pesticide treatment, but not direct exposure. We refuse to treat an infested home while the occupants present. You can wait until the exterminator arrives to vacate the home or do it in advance. Vacating the impacted home allows the exterminator to do his/her job without interference and human and/or animal exposure risks.

To further minimize the risks associated with chemical pesticides, our extermination team refuses to utilize brands that are not approved by the Canadian Environmental Protection Alliance. The government agency is responsible for pesticide and insecticide oversight.

Can I Get A Free Pest Management Quote Or Estimate?

Most certainly, we offer free quotes or estimates to all Toronto residents. We understand what it means to work with a strict budget. Unexpected services like pest management are an additional expense that many consumers are not prepared for.

Request your free beetle control consultation with an estimate today. We only offer these services via appointment.

How Should I Approach A Beetle Infestation?

We recommend reaching out to our Toronto extermination team. We are fully qualified to take on all beetle infestations, regardless of the severity level. Our professional pest management utilizes the latest technologies to exterminate mild to severe beetle infestations in two treatments or less. We believe it is more effective to initiate the process with a visual inspection of the home in question. From here, we utilize the data collected during the inspection to determine the best pest control course of action.

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