Things To Know About Bed Bugs Removal

Are you the type of Canadian, who frequently rides the TTC? If so, you may have spotted a bed bug, during one of your recent trips. In fact, you’re not alone. Over the past two years, there have been over 10 reported cases of bed bug sightings on TTC vehicles! This is not a coincidence and the problem is unlikely to change anytime soon. In fact, you need to ride in TTC vehicles cautiously, or you may find yourself bringing bedbugs into your own home. Below, you’ll learn more, so you can keep yourself and your family safe!

Efficient Travelers

Again, it is no coincidence that bed bugs have become very problematic for the TTC. What many people do not know is that bedbugs are very efficient travelers. They’re capable of hitching a ride in almost anything and everything, including an individual’s luggage or their clothing. This also means that riding in an infested TTC vehicle could very well result in your home being infested. If you’re required to ride in one of these vehicles, it is absolutely essential that you wash your clothes thoroughly afterwards! Be sure to utilize the drier, since its heat will effectively eradicate the bugs.

Abnormally Hardy

Another thing to take into consideration is the bug’s hardiness. Unlike other pests, bedbugs are not going to be killed by chemical sprays or solutions you’ve found in your local hardware store. This is one of the biggest reasons that bedbugs continue to plague Toronto. Instead, consumers need to research the professional bed bugs removal options in Toronto. Professional exterminators will incorporate the use of heat machines to rectify the problem and eliminate the bugs. Research and the experiences of exterminators have proven that excessively high temperatures are the most effectively option.

Bites Aren’t Dangerous

Although bedbugs are definitely not your friends, they’re not necessarily dangerous either. The good news is that a bedbug bite will not result in an infection or the transmission of a deadly disease. Still, some individuals might experience an allergic reaction, when bitten by a bedbug. This is compounded by the fact that bedbugs are capable of biting their victims, without their knowledge.

Preventative Measures

As mentioned above, it is possible to prevent the bed bugs in the TTC from infiltrating your home by cleaning and drying your clothes thoroughly. This should also be done, after you’ve spent a night at a motel. Motels throughout the country have been known to harbor bedbugs, so make this a habit, after a motel stay. Also, these bugs can easily travel from one house or apartment to another. If your neighbor’s dwelling has been infested, yours will be next, unless you’ve taken preventive measures. Be sure to carefully examine your home and seal any and all cracks! This will help to close all potential entryways and keep the bugs outside where they belong.


All in all, bedbugs are running rampant throughout Toronto, but your home doesn’t have to be a target. Be sure to check out your local bed bugs removal companies in Toronto, so you can be prepared for an infestation, before it occurs!

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