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Box Elder Bugs

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Professional Box Elder Bug Pest Control In Toronto

Box elder bugs feed on sap from the leaves of box elder, maple, cherry, and ash trees. These insects are more noticeable in the late fall than in any other season. Why is box elder bug activity at its highest in the late fall than in any other time of the year? This is when the insect begins to seek warm, safe, and cozy shelter in preparation for the winter season.

Boxelder bugs are what scientists have deemed “overwintering pests.” Overwintering is a dormant state, similar to hibernation. The insect enters the overwintering state soon after the onset of the winter season, continuing until the following year when temperatures warm to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and higher.

Why Is My Toronto Home Under A Box Elder Bug Attack?

Boxelder bugs are nuisance insects that will do whatever is necessary to avoid the outdoors during the winter season. The insect enters the home through small crevices, gaps, cracks, and other openings around windows and doors.

The good news, after a home infiltration, box elder bugs do not reproduce or ingest food. The only thing on the insect’s mind is finding discrete shelter away from foot traffic, but not too far away from the furnace.

Do Box Elder Bugs Spread Diseases To Humans?

No, box elder bugs do not transmit diseases or parasites. These insects are considered a pest, not a human health risk. A box elder bug infestation does not put your home’s frame – studs, joists, rafters, and beams – at risk.

What Is The Best Pest Management Approach To A Box Elder Bug Infestation?

There are two primary pest management options available to Toronto consumers facing box elder bug infestations. These options include DIY and professional, with the latter being of the highest potency.

We combine routine visual pest inspections with multiple treatments, such as industrial-grade insecticides and traps, to eradicate box elder bugs. In most cases, box elder bug infestations are fully exterminated after two custom pest management treatments.

Will DIY Pest Control Be Potent Enough To Fully Exterminate Box Elder Bugs In All Phases Of The Life Cycle?

No, box elder bugs are social insects that live, travel, and work in colonies. When it comes to home infiltration, box elder bugs are generally left to their own accord. This basically means that only one, no more than a handful of box elder bugs will successfully infiltrate a home at the same time. In this case, the box elder bug will live alone with several other insects while members of the main colony remain nearby but outdoors.

When Do Your Licensed Exterminators Perform Box Elder Bug Infestations?

We perform pest inspections five days a week, sometimes seven days a week. We suggest submitting a pest management service request as soon as possible to ensure there are no delays in you seeking treatment.

It takes up to 48 hours to fully process a pest control service request, at which time we will notify you to set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Do Professional Pest Control Products Contain Dangerous Chemicals?

DIY, professional, over-the-counter, and conventional pest control products do contain chemicals. On a good note, these chemicals are not harmful when the pesticides are handled, stored, transported, and administered per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

To further minimize the health and environmental risks associated with pest control products, Toronto exterminators only invest in approved brands. The Environmental Protection Alliance is responsible for the oversight of pesticides and insecticides in Canada.

How To Avoid Future Box Elder Bugs After A Severe Infestation?

The best and only way to prevent repeat box elder infestations is professional pest management, which includes routine visual inspections with or without treatment.

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