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Carpenter Ants

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Professional Toronto Carpenter Ant Pest Control – Free Inspection, And Consultation

Carpenter ants are social insects that live in colonies of varying sizes. The physical characteristics utilized to identify the carpenter ant include a dark brown, reddish/brown, or solid black tri-segmented body. Worker carpenter ants can be found erecting underground tunnels and nests in the grass, along walkways and driveways, and near rotting wood structures like tree stumps, and firewood and lumber piles.

The adult worker carpenter grows up to 0.5 inches in length while the queen is slightly larger at 5/8 inches long.

What Are The Commonly Reported Carpenter Ant Infestation Signs?

  • Visual Live Sightings – Live carpenter ants foraging for food on food-contaminated surfaces like the kitchen countertop, stovetop, and dining table
  • “Frass” TrailsCarpenter ants utilize their powerful mandibles to gnaw through decaying wood structures to make way for underground tunnels and nests. “Frass” is a byproduct of the gnawing
  • Audible Noise – Working carpenter ants generate a rustling noise that can be heard through walls
  • Winged Swarmers – Winged swarmers flying over contaminated food surfaces. Swarmers help care for the queen and the young. They also exit the colony to establish new colonies

Why Are Carpenter Ants Targeting My Toronto Home?

Carpenter ants invade homes to access food when it becomes scarce outdoors. The satellite colony inside the home is part of a much larger colony on the exterior. This ant species is drawn to rotting wood in its natural habitat. They infiltrate homes by crawling through tiny exterior-to-interior crevices, cracks, and gaps.

They can be food foraging for food in the kitchen, dining room, and other areas where household members have meals.

Do Carpenter Ants Transmit Diseases To Humans?

No, carpenter ants do not carry diseases or parasites. However, the insect has been linked to foodborne illnesses due to contaminated food. Carpenter ants ingest contaminated food that is later evacuated from the body through fecal matter. These insects are notorious for contaminating vulnerable food products, resulting in foodborne illnesses.

We recommend a non-refrigerated food storage system utilizing BPA-free glass and plastic containers and lids. It is not recommended to combined new and outdated food just to save a few dollars. Instead, outdated food should be disposed of immediately and storage containers thoroughly washed with mild soap and tap water. Allow containers to completely air dry before refilling.

What Is The Best Pest Control Method For Carpenter Ant Infestations?

Our professional pest control is customized to ensure the maximum results for carpenter ant infestations in all phases of the life cycle. We combine multiple treatments – pesticides and traps – routine visual inspections, and prevention to fully extermination carpenter ant infestations.

Professional pest control products are industrial strength formulas that can fully eradicate carpenter ant infestations in as little as two treatments four weeks apart. If you would like to know more about our professional-grade extermination services, which we believe is fairly priced.

Is DIY Pest Management Suitable For Severe Carpenter Ant Infestations?

No, DIY pest control products are low-strength formulas that will only eradicate a few carpenter ants, no more than a dozen at the same time. Homemade remedies are also ineffective in exterminating small satellite and large colonies of carpenter ants.

DIY pesticides and insecticides are basic formulas that utilize minimal potency.

When Will The Licensed Exterminator Be Available To Perform The Carpenter Ant Inspection At My Toronto Home?

Once our Toronto customer support team receives your carpenter ant inspection request, we will initiate processing it. This will take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours to complete. When your request is processed, one of our licensed exterminators will contact you about scheduling an appointment for the inspection.

We allow our clients to set the appointment to fit their hectic schedule. If necessary, we can perform the inspection while you are away at work and the kids are at school. We will retrieve the key from your workplace and return it after the inspection is complete.

Does Carpenter Ant Pest Control Pesticide Contain Dangerous Ingredients?

Our pest control products and techniques have been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). All manufacturers selling their pesticides and insecticides within the American borders are required by law to submit a list of ingredients to the EPA. Not until the EPA approves the pesticides will they be introduced to the American pesticide market.

If you would like to know more about EPA-approved pest control products, do not hesitate to contact our Toronto office to speak with one of our experts. We will gladly answer your questions and schedule you for a free carpenter ant inspection at your earliest convenience.

What Is The Best Way To Prevent A Repeat Carpenter Ant Infestation?

Once a home has been infiltrated by carpenter ants, its pest barrier is no longer effective. Our professional pest control targets the impacted home’s vulnerable pest barrier because it is the only hope of preventing future infestations. We suggest sealing all openings that can be utilized by carpenter ants to infiltrate buildings. The most commonly utilized carpenter ant access points are located around windows, doors, damaged siding, foundation, vents, and utility lines.

Do not hesitate to request a free carpenter ant pest control consultation. We offer this service to all Toronto residents and businesses for free. We believe our exterminators are the best in the Canadian extermination industry.

We also offer free quotes following a visual inspection. We understand your budget is tight, which is why we strive to keep our service fees affordable and competitive.

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