Toronto Professional Ant Control – What You Should Know!

Ants are small social insects that work, live, and feed in colonies of varying sizes. Scientists have identified around 12,000 ant species, identifiable by their distinct physical characteristics such as a narrow waist, tri-segmented body held together by strong joints, two antennas, and mandibles. The insect utilizes its mandibles for protection against predators, foraging for food, building nests, and erecting extensive underground tunnels.

The ant colony is comprised of both winged and wingless swarmers, workers, the queen, and soldiers, all of which have some very important job duties. For example, the winged swarmer is responsible for caring for the young and the queen and foraging for food, and building new colonies separate from the main colony.

Why Is My Toronto Home An Ant Target?

Ants target homes with vulnerabilities and a food source. Vulnerabilities include small openings around doors, windows, public utility lines, electric wiring, garage doors, foundations, vents, soffit, eaves, and siding. Ants grow up 0.5 inches in length, excluding the queen, which is slightly larger at 0.7 inches long. While the ant prefers the outdoors, when food gets scarce, it will venture indoors. This is not that uncommon. In fact, thousands of Toronto residents report ant sightings in their homes each year.

Evidence shows the ant does not travel very far away from its colony when young are present. The worker, for example, will not venture more than 100 yards from its colony in both the spring and summer seasons. While the insect’s activity level is at its lowest during the winter season, the heat from the sun will entice the insect to become more active.

Will Ant Pest Control Endanger My Toronto Home?

No, our extermination team takes extra precautions to protect our client’s property during the treatment process. We utilize a wand with a 90-degree-nozzle to ensure better control and direct spray in contaminated areas. Our goal is to protect our client’s assets throughout the treatment process.

What Is The Best Ant Pest Management Strategy?

Consumers choose from DIY and professional pest management, with the latter being the more powerful option. DIY pesticides are more suitable for exterminating less than a handful of ants because they are low-strength. Professional pesticides, on the other hand, are more suitable for moderate to severe ant infestations.

Industrial-strength pesticides eradicate ants in all phases of the life cycle.

Can I Use DIY Pesticides To Eradicate Ant Infestations?

We recommend professional pest control products to fully exterminate ant infestations of all severity levels. However, we do believe DIY pesticides and insecticides are better than no action at all. The best and only way to determine which pest control option will work best for your ant infestation is a visual inspection. During the inspection, the exterminator will visually inspect every inch of your home, searching for live ants, eggs, larvae.

Evidence is also collected to determine the severity of your ant infestation. This data is utilized to customize a professional extermination treatment that is guaranteed to fully eradicate the entire infestation.

Do I Have The Option Of Scheduling The Ant Inspection To Fit My Schedule?

Yes, we let our clients pick the appointment date to ensure convenience on all levels. However, we need at least 24 hours to process the ant inspection request. In some cases, the process may take up to 48 hours to complete, at which time we will contact you about the appointment. You can set the appointment while you are away at work or school. If you opt to go this route, we will dispatch an exterminator to retrieve your house key, which will be returned after the inspection is complete.

Is Ant Pest Control Harmful To Humans?

Chemical pesticides do contain ingredients that pose a health risk to humans. However, it is possible to minimize these risks by evacuating the impacted home before and after each treatment. We recommend at least 30 minutes before and three hours after each pesticide treatment.

If you are concerned about chemicals in pesticides, we can recommend one of our organic or eco-friendly treatments, These treatments utilize natural chemicals that do not pose the same risks as chemical pesticides.

What Is The Best Pest Prevention Strategy For Ant Infestations?

Professional ant prevention utilizes routine visual inspection and treatment when necessary. To learn more about our ant prevention, do not hesitate to contact our Toronto extermination team at your earliest convenience.

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