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Bed Bugs

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Bedbugs Are Also Known As Cimex Lectularius

Bedbugs are known as an ectoparasite because they feed on blood from humans and pets. As the name implied, bedbugs are going to hide in your mattress, bed frame, and bedclothes. They want to stay as close to their victim as possible, so they’ll hide in your bed. These small insects are roughly 3/16s of an inch in length. Furthermore, they’re oval and as flat as a credit card.

Why Bedbugs Invade Homes

As you learned above, bedbugs consume human and animal blood. As a result, they’re going to enter your home so they can stay close to their food source. You can’t drain all of your blood, so you can’t stop bedbugs from lusting after you. However, there are things you can do to reduce the risk of an infestation. For instance, you need to use extreme caution when traveling the world. Staying at a motel could lead to big issues in the future. If you pick the wrong motel, there is a risk that you’re going to stay in a bedbug-infested motel. If you do, the bugs will hide in your luggage and return home with you and your loved ones.

Furthermore, bedbugs can invade homes by hiding on used items, including clothes and furniture. If you’re going to purchase preowned goods, be cautious. Finally, bedbugs can travel from one dwelling to another. A neighbor with an infestation could lead to an infestation for you.

Why You Should Be Concerned About Bedbugs

You may believe that bedbugs are one of the most dangerous pests on the planet, but this isn’t the case. You’ll find that bedbugs aren’t dangerous. You can live with bedbugs without getting sick since they don’t transmit disease. However, they’ll create other issues. They’ll bite you all of your body and leave red welts. In addition to this, their presence is going to keep you up all night. It is wise to contact us and use our services. We’ll help you remedy the problem swiftly. Below, you’ll learn more about some of our bedbug removal services.

Our Manual Services

We recommend our manual bedbug services for quickly removing bedbugs from one or two rooms in your residence. It works swiftly and effectively with or without chemicals. The only downside is that our client will need to prepare before we arrive. We’ll give you a list of recommendations so you can be ready for our arrival.

Heat Treatments

Many of our clients prefer using heat because it works rapidly. It is great for eliminating large bedbug infestations in tight quarters. If your home is cluttered and you have bedbugs, the heat treatment might be a good choice for you. Heat can eliminate bedbugs, eggs, and larvae. In general, we can clear your home of bedbugs using heat in just one visit. You won’t need to do much to prepare for our arrival.

Although we try to avoid chemicals, we may use Diatomaceous Earth. It is natural dust that can help eliminate bedbugs and other pests.


In general, our fumigation services are best for commercial clients. It can remove bedbugs from large structures. The business owner will need to prepare extensively and stay out of the home for up to 48 hours. Our fumigation services use Vikane to wipe out the bedbug infestation.

Going It Alone

Could you go it alone and still wipe out the bedbug infestation in your home? Doing it on your own can be dangerous and expensive. If you misuse those chemicals, there is a chance that you’re going to get sick. You might save money, but you may end up wasting money. If the first treatment doesn’t work, you may need to buy more chemicals. Then, the costs will climb significantly higher. We recommend working with us to avoid the headache. We have been serving your area for many years. We know how to take care of all bedbug infestations while reducing the risks and costs.

Our Exterminators Keep Our Clients Safe

We want to keep you and your loved ones safe. As a result, we’re going to use natural methods to eliminate the bedbug infestation in your home. When you work with us, you can choose from several natural bedbug treatments, including heat, Cryonite, and more. Our natural solutions are safe for everyone involved. Choose us if you want to protect the ones you love.

Our Costs

We know that you’re worried about overspending on bedbug treatments. Don’t worry about it. Work with us and you’ll pay a price based on the size of your home. If we can use the standard services, the price will be set based on your home’s size.

Preventing Infestations

Can you prevent bedbug infestations from turning your life upside down? Ultimately, there are things you can do, but you may not be able to stop all problems. Our exterminators can give you advice and recommendations for keeping bedbugs out of your home. First, you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure that bedbugs can’t find a way to enter your home. If you have cracks or gaps, eliminate them immediately. You’ll also want to use caution when purchasing used clothes and furniture. These items might be infested with bedbugs. Finally, make sure you choose clean, bedbug-free motels. Once you’ve returned from vacation, throw your belongings in the dryer to eliminate bedbugs.

When Can The Extermination Begin?

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