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Understanding Your Bed Bug Extermination Options

As a loyal Canadian, you most definitely love your home country. You might not agree with everything the government decides to do, but you still love the country and your neighbors. All in all, Canada is a wonderful country and Toronto is a great place to live. Like every country in the world, Canada has a few problems and nobody is vulnerable to them all. This is especially true, when it comes to Toronto’s current bed bug problem. If you haven’t heard, many of the Toronto Transmit Commission’s vehicles have been infested with bed bugs! Below, you’ll learn about your options, so you can be prepared to put a halt to an infestation, if it occurs in your home.

Bed Bug Defenses

Whether or not you know it, bed bugs are more than prepared for a battle. In fact, bed bugs are incredibly hardy. Throughout the years, consumers have gone to war with these bugs and have utilized an array of treatments, including chemical sprays. Unfortunately, the mass majority of these products have not proven to be reliable. Sprays will work, but only after repeated use. Capturing the bugs with traps is also unrealistic. Bedbugs spread too rapidly for this to be effective. There is one surefire way to eliminate bed bugs and the best bed bug extermination solution for Toronto residents will be explored a bit lower in this article.


Although it may not be possible to completely stop bedbugs from entering your home, there are some ways to decrease the risks. First and foremost, you should begin sticking with a new habit. Anytime you purchase used clothing or spend a night at a motel, you should clean and wash all of your items, before hanging them up. It is best to refrain from used purchases, unless you’re positive that the items did not come from an infested home. However, drying the clothes in your drier will kill the bugs and successfully prevent an infestation.

Also, it is wise to carefully inspect your home. If you find any cracks or holes, which could be used to enter, you should stop them up immediately.


As mentioned above, your drier can help to eliminate bed bugs. The drier isn’t a mystical solution. Instead, it is the heat that the drier creates that makes it an effective solution. In fact, some of the top bed bug extermination companies in Toronto have started to implement this technique into their business practices. With heat machines, exterminators are capable of eradicating all of the bedbugs in a single room, within a short period of time. This particular technique is quickly becoming the best option for homeowners and renters that have been forced to contend with bed bugs.

Research Extensively

With the information above, you should realize that it is truly impossible to rectify a bedbug infestation on your home. Therefore, you will need the help of one of Toronto’s extermination companies. Extensive research is a necessity, when attempting to find a reliable company to carry out the treatment. Make sure you research the company’s background, history and their current reviews and rating. A little effort will help to ensure that you’ll spend your money wisely.

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