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Need A Bed Bug Treatment? Here Is What To Know

Have you been keeping up with the news around Toronto? If so, you’ve likely stumbled across a few stories regarding bed bugs. When it comes to bed bugs, there is some bad news and some good news. Unfortunately, these bugs have evolved incredibly and a now much harder to kill than ever before. At the same time, bedbugs have become rampant throughout Toronto! In fact, there have been numerous reports regarding bedbugs crawling through TTC vehicles. If these vehicles are capable of being infested, any vehicle or residence in Toronto is vulnerable. Before attempting to find a reliable bed bug treatment in Toronto, it is essential to read the guide below and better learn about these parasitic critters.

Scary Evolution

Although the whole concept might seem silly, there are actually bedbug scientists. Surprisingly enough, these individuals have discovered some startling breakthroughs. Just recently, bedbug scientists at the University of Sydney in Australia concluded that bedbugs have begun to develop tougher shells. Their research insisted that this was the very reason that bed bugs have gotten so difficult to kill in the past few years. It is the shell’s thickness that gives the bug the ability to survive insecticides and other chemical sprays. Although this might give you a fright, there is still hope for those that have been infested.

Sleep Soundly?

When you catch a glimpse of a bedbug, your skin will likely crawl. Bedbugs are hideous and the sight of the bug will definitely give you a scare. Just remember that bedbugs are not actually dangerous. They’re not cuddly and friendly, but they are not capable of passing diseases to humans. It is still unlikely that you’ll be able to sleep soundly, but at least you don’t have to worry about contracting an incurable disease.

Rapidly Spread

One of the biggest problems associated with bedbugs is their reproductive ability. Bedbugs are capable of reproducing very rapidly. A few months after bedbugs have entered your home, they’ll have spread enormously and you will have tremendous difficulty attempting to eliminate them. When put into the right environment, these bugs are capable of developing fully within a month. Then, they’ll produce several additional generations of bugs each year. Proper treatment is unfortunately the only rectification.

A Full Cleanup

Before finding a good bed bug treatment within Toronto, it is essential to fully clean up your home. Strip your bedroom of linen, curtains, clothing, and bedding. All of these items need to be cleaned and washed thoroughly. Throw them in the drier and put it on the highest setting. By doing this and thoroughly cleaning your home, you may be able to eliminate the bugs, without the help of an exterminator.

An Exterminator

In all likelihood, you’ll need to consult with an exterminator. When doing so, you will want to ask the professional about heat treatments. To date, utilizing heat to eradicate bedbugs has proven time and again to be the most reliable solution. It is also much more convenient and safer than the alternatives. If your home has been infested, this is definitely the way to go.

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